Welcome to the beginning of my poker blog. I'll write every once in a while about games I play both online and live. My main site is: Sayville Poker Tour, which contains information about local tournaments my friends and I play.
Friday, April 09, 2004

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Finally won a live tournament on Wednesdays at Phils. Unfortunately I can't really remember too many hands to give you the rundown. Here are a couple:

6, 7 handed, Nintzel (loose) raises, Phil (solid) reraises I wake up with Queens. I figure nintzel on something not so great but worried about Phil. I hope he has AK not KK or AA but figured nintzel would call my all in meaning I'd be getting good money for my coinflip with Phil. Anyways Nintzel and Phil call, Nintzel with JJ and Phil with AK. At this point I am happy with my decision. I am happy with the outcome when my ladies hold up. I think this knocked them both out of the tourney, but anyways it gave me alot of chips.

I didn't really play too aggresively with my large stack: a) it's not my style b) some of these guys I knew I would get callers on preflop raises alot. figured I'd pick my spots instead.

Finally got down to heads up with Barry (pretty wild) after a tough 3 way battle with Erin and Barry. Mistake: Had Ax(4, 3, 2?) and raised preflop which was called. Flop came A 8 x. Bet of 1000 which was 1/4 of my chips or so. For some reason I had a feeling he had a higher ace so I folded. Big mistake cause he said he had K 8 or something similar. I just had a feeling here and I was totally off. Later had KQ when flop is Q x x. All in by him which obviously I call in a second. Again he had second pair. I would have called with any Q here cause he acted the same as the last time. Lesson is don't give your opponent information. This gave me the chip lead and eventually I won.
Monday, April 05, 2004
  Hey hey

I'm back with a little post. You should check out ditty's blog, which he actually updates regularly. Oddly enough alot of blogs haven't been updated in the past week so maybe my lack of updates wasn't so bad after all. Been playing live games and that lately. Stepped on the internet on saturday, 3rd in $10 SNG, 2nd in $20 SNG and up $25 in NL cash. Not too bad.

I haven't had good results in our tournaments and cash games lately. I have figured out a couple things I am doing wrong and won't make the same mistakes again. I have been more happy with some of my shorthanded play. Another tournament on wednesday, where I'm hoping to make a good showing.

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