Welcome to the beginning of my poker blog. I'll write every once in a while about games I play both online and live. My main site is: Sayville Poker Tour, which contains information about local tournaments my friends and I play.
Thursday, March 11, 2004

I'm too busy to post anything these days or play much poker.  
Thursday, March 04, 2004
  Blog Me Sweet
According to pokercharts I am up 94 dollars in the last 4 days and I have spent 10% of my waking life playing poker this week.

Played in live tournaments the last two nights. Tuesday night I played at Phil's I played like garbage in the relatively inexperienced field of 7 and got knocked out 5th.

Wednesday night was the Tieds Invitational tournament for the top 8 people in the Sayville Poker Tour. Tough competition. I played like garbage (until it got down to the end and I picked up some cards). Ended up first (it was winner take all Erin and I split it - I had more chips). That's luck for ya I guess. I need to work on a couple things I'm doing wrong.

I'm not going to be playing for a couple days now at least. I dunno if I'll play online again for a while. Maybe a bit on saturday or sunday when I'm working from home :-( 
Tuesday, March 02, 2004
  Playing Online
I played online for the first time in a while last night. Had a decent 1/2 session. Tough suckout on river in NL 25 but that's poker.

Recently, I've had alot more fun in live games than online. I'm playing another one over Phil's tonight. I started using Poker Charts to track my results. It's a good way to track your live game stats. I am currently +64 (after that big sunday tournament only).

I guess most obviously it's the social aspect that makes me enjoy live games better. Also I feel like I'm better able to concentrate and have a bit of fun. Alot of times playing online feels like a chore where my only goal is to be up money. Maybe there's an attitude shift necessary. Or I shouldn't play online so much. Prolly some goal would help me enjoy online play more. We'll see where that goes. 
Monday, March 01, 2004
  New post

Played in two big live tournaments last week. Wednesday's I got 4th out of 12 to get my money back. In Sunday's big tournament I finished 3rd out of 29 to take home a decent profit. So that ends the Sayville Poker Tour season, it was alot of fun overall. It's alot to host a game every week with all those people so I wouldn't do it like that again.

I finished 4th in the final rankings based on my performance in the last tournament and the other big tournaments. I regret losing my way in the middle of the season and posting some bad results. The good news is I feel like my game is turning around when it comes to live No Limit tournaments. I'm hoping to continue this momentum this week.  

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